Dsa candidates 2018

Yesterday democratic socialists fought and won inspiring election campaigns across the country, representing the rebirth of the American socialist movement after generations in retreat. These victories for a resurgent Left are only the beginning — the real work of transforming ours into a equal, humane, and just society will take many years of organizing and educating.

The obstacles we face are still enormous. While Democrats succeeded in taking back a slim majority in the House of Representatives, striking a blow to the extreme right-wing and pro-corporate agenda represented by Trump and the Republican Party, the Senate remains in the hands of Republicans.

Their denial of climate change and pro-fossil fuel policies threaten us all. The GOP has repealed crucial environmental regulations, escalated the deportation regime, attacked our healthcare and social security, and ushered in trillions of dollars of tax cuts for the ultra-rich.

Despite all of this, the Democratic Party establishment has been unable or unwilling to muster a serious opposition. Unfettered capitalism has bred increasing poverty and inequality; homelessness is on the rise, tens of millions are have no or inadequate healthcare, public schools and our public infrastructure are disastrously underfunded and crumbling, suicide rates and opioid addiction are on the rise, and the inhumane U.

However, a renewed working-class movement across this country gives us hope. Earlier this year, teachers in West Virginia went on a historic statewide strike, winning massive concessions and inspiring similar militant action in communities from Arizona and Oklahoma to Kentucky and Washington State. In every respect, marks the return of the strike and what looks to be the beginning of a new era of militant working-class resistance to corporate control of our society.

Thanks to this upsurge, DSA has been able to fight for Medicare for All, College for All, equal rights for all, and a revitalized labor movement. DSA has also succeeded in winning key elections all over the country, in red states and blue states. In addition to new DSA congresswomen Ocasio-Cortez and Tlaib, we also won other incredible victories at the state level:. Each of these candidates ran against corporate-backed Republican or Democratic political establishments on inspiring platforms demanding an end to austerity and oppression.

We are building a pipeline from local positions all the way to national politics. We call on all those who believe in the cause of social and economic justice to join us in building a mass movement of and for the working-class majority. Only such a movement can defeat the political establishment and win a world for the many, not just the wealthy few. A full list of wins, complete as of the time of this distribution, can be found below. The list will be updated as more races are called.

Nationally Endorsed Elected Officials. Locally Endorsed Elected Officials. TX — Danny Norris Dept. Locally Endorsed Ballot Initiatives.The candidate faced questions about her political and religious conversions from conservatism to leftism and Christianity to Judaism.

dsa candidates 2018

There were also bizarre revelations about an alleged affair with a former New York Mets player, which both parties have denied. Yet when the votes were tallied on Sept. Salazar trounced incumbent state Sen. Bernie Sanders. DSA chapters endorsed 93 state and local candidates inaccording to the national group. Of those, 43 lost their primaries, but 50 are advancing to the general election after either winning or facing no competition in the primary season.

They could win seats for school boards, city councils and legislatures in 20 states. Fiedler was previously a reporter at a local public radio station. It's part of why we lost so many state and local offices during the Obama era.

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For all its growth, the DSA remains a relatively minor player in Democratic politics. Yet this movement is having other discernible effects.

We have fundamentally changed the political landscape in this state, and we have changed what is expected of a Democratic candidate running in New York. The five states where all Democratic Socialist-backed candidates ran for state or local office but lost are:. The 20 states where Democratic Socialist-backed candidates are advancing to the general election are:. Unemployment threatens to rise to levels not seen since the Great Depression.

A Pulitzer Prize-winning historian of that era thinks most of the economy will recover much more quickly than it did back then. The information they collect for operational purposes can be leveraged in numerous ways to help them deal more effectively with the economic devastation of the coronavirus.

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Democratic socialists impact 2018 midterm elections: A look at the national organization

How Democratic Socialists Performed in State and Local Primaries Just over half of this year's candidates endorsed by Democratic Socialists are advancing to the general election. Will That Matter in November? Graham Vyse Staff Writer. Sign Up Now. Special Projects.Reaction on 'The Story' after Democratic leaders back Sen.

Bernie Sanders' single payer health care plan.

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A slew of candidates are running in the elections as in-the-open socialists, in the latest sign that the Bernie Sanders wing is looking to expand its political footprint -- as mainstream Democrats, in turn, embrace their big-government policies. Those running under the socialist banner this year include nearly two-dozen candidates, for offices at all levels.

But the former public defender is one of at least four candidates that the Houston chapter of the DSA has endorsed this year. The others include a state Senate candidate and Ali Khorasani, who last month finished last in a five-person Democrat primary for a Houston-area U.

House seat. The Texas Observer has compiled a list of 20 candidates this year in Texas who are affiliated with the DSA, based on statements sent to the Austin-based magazine. Texas attorney Franklin Bynum is running for a judicial position. Together with the slate of socialist candidates, it shows how influential the movement led by Sanders in the presidential campaign has become. Kaniela Ing, a Hawaii state representative, is running for Congress.

However, the chances of Sanders being joined on Capitol Hill by a new class of socialist-aligned lawmakers in seem slim at this point.

Many face long odds of winning, and are seeking lower-level office where their influence would not be felt so much on the national stage -- yet. Kamarck said.

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Kamarck made clear that some socialists could perhaps be on congressional ballots. Right now, however, they're not officially aligned with a formal socialist party. Yet some are aligning with the Democratic Socialists of America, which classifies itself as a group rather than a political party and appears to have had a surge in membership in recent years.

The group, which also declined a request for comment, does not release membership numbers. Among the other socialist candidates cited in The Times story is Kaniela Ing, a Hawaii state representative running in the Democratic primary for a House seat.

Kshama Sawant was elected to the Seattle City Council as a socialist. The year-old Ing also declined an interview with Fox News, and his campaign will not say whether he is indeed a socialist candidate.

Most socialist-leaning candidates, like Sanders, still run as independents or on the Democratic ticket. Socialism can be defined in various ways but it generally espouses government- or community-owned goods and services over capitalism.

Sanders, in defending his beliefs, has held up President Franklin D. However, a self-proclaimed socialist getting elected to office in the U.A look at the Democratic Socialists of America and what the organization stands for. From Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to Cynthia Nixon, a handful of self-proclaimed Democratic socialists are making waves in the midterm elections. With the election of President Trump, the Democratic Socialists of America DSA has seen a nationwide surge in the strength and popularity of an organization that typically operated on the fringes of leftist politics.

Read on for a look at what the DSA organization advocates for and how it's impacting midterm elections.

dsa candidates 2018

Other movements DSA supports include pro-abortion advocacies, alleviating the student debt crisis and raising minimum wage. Harrington died inbut by the presidential election, DSA had a new de facto leader: Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. Prior to his election, the group boasted about 6, members. Ocasio-Cortez, 28, stunned the political world earlier this year when she defeated longtime incumbent Rep.

He is running against incumbent Sen. Angus King, an independent who caucuses with Democrats. Cynthia Nixona progressive activist who is challenging Gov. New Yorkers Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Cynthia Nixon have emerged as popular democratic socialists running the midterm elections. DSA has endorsed 42 people running for office at the federal, state and local levels this year. These endorsements span 20 states, including Florida, Hawaii, Kansas and Michigan.

Hawaii state Rep. Kaniela Ing, 29, said he decided to run for Congress because he was encouraged by Ocasio-Cortez. Gayle McLaughlin finished eighth in last month's Democratic primary to become California's lieutenant governor, earning just 4 percent of the vote.

All three endorsed candidates for Maryland's Montgomery County Council lost last month as well. And Ryan Fenwick was blown out by 58 points in his run to become mayor of Louisville, Kentucky.

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Who are the Democratic Socialists of America?Photograph by Brian Finke. She was accompanied by Laura Gabby, a year-old carpenter recently elected trustee of Local of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters. Both women had volunteered for the Ocasio-Cortez campaign.

We won bc we out-worked the competition. Gabby was in sneakers, shorts, and a Local T-shirt; Salazar more formal in wedges, black pants, and a red top. The pair was having good luck: Lots of people were at home, staying in to keep cool, and were happy to provide their signatures. A few hours into canvassing, Salazar got a call from her campaign manager. She pumped her fist in elation. Salazar, 27, was born to politically conservative parents — her Colombian immigrant father was a cargo pilot and her Italian-American mother a flight attendant — and grew up in Florida.

The first meeting she remembers attending was about the Global South. It took weeks of coaxing before she decided to take leave from her day job and enter the race. But a better analogy might be the Christian right, because it offers an entire culture. Ocasio-Cortez was outspent by her opponent, Joe Crowley, nearly five to one. It was clear on Sunday that Salazar was in friendly political territory.

Outside the last of the buildings she and Gabby canvassed was a group of young men who asked her what she was up to. Subscribe Now! We have updated the story accordingly. CBS News reports :. The U. At Task and Purpose, Jeff Schogol argues that the scandal on and off the ship reveals an unhealthy obsession:. The Pentagon is fixated on China as an existential threat to American security. They worry that if the U. This is a 21st Century take on all the dominoes falling should South Vietnam fall to the communists.

For example, Army Gen. Even under wartime conditions, sending the Theodore Roosevelt on a combat deployment right now would be insane, but the Pentagon and the Navy have lost all sense of proportion when it comes to the threat China poses. Already a subscriber? Log in or link your magazine subscription.

Account Profile. Sign Out.We require our whole membership to vote to endorse a candidate, and a full endorsement would likely include a commitment for the chapter to devote time and money to that campaign. But our chapter has voted to endorse Prop 10 — Yes on 10! Other than the Prop 10 and Measure B endorsements, these recommendations are just what a few dedicated DSA members in the Electoral Politics committee came up with after hours of researching the races through a pragmatic leftist lens.

In some uncontested or barely contested races, we just wrote a blurb. In others, we went a little deeper to give you some background on the incumbents who are ambling into yet another term.

You might also notice that a surprising number of these races are either literally or practically uncontested and that most of the candidates seem bland, hazily defined, and mildly corrupt.

The Internationale at the DSA 2019 National Convention

This is a consequence of our big-money political system that rewards machine candidates and incumbents and drastically hampers the democratic process. We've chosen not to make recommendations in races where a Democrat is running against a non-Democrat and is expected to coast unless we thought the Democrat was particularly worth recommending. It is our collective duty to make sure these uncontested candidates face true challenges from the left in future elections.

That being said, especially for the down-ballot and local races, your vote and the votes of your friends and family can make a big difference in our collective lives, so please vote on November 6. If the choices seem dispiriting, we invite you join us in DSA-LA to work towards building a better future. Our government, our economy, and our society have been stolen from us by a venal mob of mediocre plutocrats.

We can take it back if we band together and fight. Governor of California : Gavin Newsom. Lieutenant Governor : Ed Hernandez. Attorney General of California : Xavier Becerra. Secretary of State of California : Alex Padilla. State Treasurer : Fiona Ma.

dsa candidates 2018

Insurance Commissioner : Ricardo Lara. California's 34th Congressional District : Kenneth Mejia. Los Angeles County Sheriff : There are no good cops, and there are fewer good sheriffs.

Write in the funniest protest vote you can think of. Proposition 10 : YES. Proposition 11 : No. Proposition 12 : Yes. County Measure W : Yes.

How Democratic Socialists Performed in State and Local Primaries

County Measure E : Yes. The real race of the primary was whether pro-Trump Republican businessman and proto-fascist John Cox would beat out sold-his-soul-to-the-charter-school devil Antonio Villaraigosa, while other candidates with actually good politics would finish far behind.

And lo, it was so. Now the California GOP is hoping a base energized by this candidacy might propel deliver some of their more insidious policy goals. Newsom is the current Lt Governor of California, after winning the seat in Before getting into politics, he was a businessperson, running a wine shop in the Bay Area. He was on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors from to and was the mayor of San Francisco from to The revolution will be down-ballot.

House and offices ranging from governor to county treasurer. Not all the candidates have been endorsed by DSA. But others stand a fighting chance, said Rice University political scientist Mark Jones. In District 23, which stretches from El Paso to San Antonio and is currently represented by moderate Republican Will Hurd, Jones said a left wing platform that plays well with primary voters might fall flat in the general election.

Hillary Clinton carried the swingy district by 3. The off-years are typically bad for Texas Democrats, who suffer from lower turnout compared to presidential years. InRepublicans swept all 15 races for the Harris County misdemeanor courts, winning by around 10 points across the board.

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But was an especially good year for Harris County Dems — the party cleaned up in district judicial races while Clinton won by more than 12 percent — and some observers think could buck the midterm trend.

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9 Democratic primaries to watch in 2018

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