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Dreaded Teacher Interview Question:. This person was at a recent interview and was asked, "What is your greatest weakness as a teacher? The trick to this question is to find some nit-picky little.

Examples of a Weakness That Can Be Turned Into a Positive During an Interview for a Teacher

As someone else said, don't tell them your weakness is. If you're. Choose some nit-picky little thing. Tell them about it. Sample answer: "I used to have a hard time managing the. Sometimes I wouldn't be finished. Other times, I'd be finished. I've gotten much better, though-- I bought a timer. I set it to beep 5 minutes. In the event I end a few minutes.

See-- first, you point out a weakness. It's a weakness. Then, you talk about how it's. It's good to prepare your answer for this question ahead of. It's not an easy answer to make up on the spot. This eBook may be helpful to you-- it features the 50 most. It also has interview tips and adivce on how to. Teaching Interview. Guide to Getting a Teaching Job.When Sherida Britt taught high-school English, her strengths were in providing instruction and designing curricula, not in creating bulletin boards and planning classroom projects.

As teachers, we often spend time devoted to turning our weaknesses around when we should be focusing on what we already bring to our students: our own particular approach to the classroom. Your teaching is shaped by your strengths.

In contrast, the types of activities that you find most draining, or the ones you never do, may rely too much on skills that you have not fully developed.

For example, one teacher may thrive at teaching in an active and noisy classroom, another may prefer to instruct via quieter, more focused classroom discussions.

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Of course, as a teacher, you naturally engage with lots of different personalities. If you want to learn more about your strengths, the first step is to know yourself. Make note of observations from other teachers about how you teach. For example, do they comment on your organization, your humor or your creativity? And, consider inviting other teachers to observe and give you feedback on your strengths in the classroom.

Then read on for ideas on how to use each strength to its best advantage.

What Are Your Strengths and Weaknesses? Interview Tips for Teachers

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When I look back on my journey as a teacher, I see many mistakes that I made early on. I write this article because I see many young teachers repeating many of these mistakes and in the process reducing the impact of their teaching. My hope is that some will learn from these mistakes and save themselves the pain and regret. This article is a compilation of weaknesses that I have either personally experienced or seen in others. The kind of teacher I have in mind is not the teacher who chooses to teach to make some money or who is not talented and gifted in the area of teaching.

No, I have in mind the teacher who is designed and gifted as a teacher, who would make an amazing teacher. However, the weaknesses they have end up inhibiting, entangling, or even making their gift difficult to express or ineffective on their audience.

He lives for the master. He does what pleases the master. Effective and mature teachers know that they are alive to teach. They have been called to become the slaves of those whom they teach. Here is how an amazing teacher described his flexibility and perseverance when it comes to teaching.

Strengths And Weaknesses Of A Good Teacher

But I make myself a slave to all people to win as many as I can. To the Jews I became like a Jew to win the Jews. I myself am not ruled by the law. But to those who are ruled by the law I became like a person who is ruled by the law. I did this to win those who are ruled by the law.

To those who are without the law I became like a person who is without the law. I did this to win those people who are without the law. To those who are weak, I became weak so I could win the weak.

I have become all things to all people so I could save some of them in any way possible. That is a serious weakness that inhibits their effectiveness as teachers. They have not YET learned to give up their rights. They still fight for their rights to be and do certain things. This is related to 1 above. Many young teachers believe they have rights that they need to protect.

They think that surrender means giving up their right of self-expression. As such, any authority that encourages them to surrender to their calling to be more effective is seen as controlling and persecutory. This immature habit of fighting for their rights will often lead them to continue in habits that entangle and detract them from a focus on what really matters—their message and the impact it can have on people.

They are not YET sensitive to the weaknesses that diminish the extent and impact of their gifts. Weaknesses are things that detract one from focusing on their strengths. They want to focus on teaching their core truth and remove any detraction so that they can reach more people. Having struggles over these mundane matters is a sign of immaturity.Are you ready to talk about your weaknesses? In addition to learning about what you can do, the interviewer wants to know about what you can't do, or what you have difficulty with on the job.

How you respond will also help the interviewer understand how well you know yourself, as well as whether you would be a good fit for the role. Weaknesses are tricky to talk about, so you need to be careful when sharing examples of yours. You don't want to knock yourself out of contention for the job because the interviewer thinks you're not qualified. You do want your answer to be honest, but as positive as possible. Focus on steps you are taking to improve on your weaknesses, and avoid mentioning weaknesses in skills that are important for the job.

If you think carefully about the job ahead of time and prepare an answer, you will be able to remain positive while still being honest.

There are different categories of weaknesses that you can choose from when answering interview questions about your shortcomings. However, do not choose a weakness at random.

Instead, make sure the one you select is not critical to the job, and mention in your interview the ways you plan to improve upon this weakness.

You might mention a hard skill as your weakness. They are developed through school and other forms of training. If you decide to mention a hard skill, make sure it is not a skill necessary for the job.

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If it is a skill that is easy to learn, you might also mention that you are currently developing that skill or that you plan to develop that skill. For example, if you say your weakness is a particular software program, you might say that you are currently taking an online course on how to use the program of course, only say this if it is true.

Some examples of hard skills you might mention when answering an interview question about your weaknesses are:.

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While they are important, you can pick out one soft skill to mention as a weakness. Just make sure it is not necessary for the job, and emphasize how you are working on improving that skill. Some soft skills you might mention when answering questions about your weaknesses include:. You can also refer to an academic skill or ability as a weakness. This is a particularly good idea if you are at least a few years out of school, because then the employer can evaluate you on your work experience rather than your academics.

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Unanswered Questions. Wiki User Related Questions Asked in Educators What are a teachers weaknessess? Asked in Educators What can be a teacher weakness? A possible weakness to be found in teachers, is a lack of pateince with students. Asked in Education What is the most common gender of teachers? Asked in Nouns Is teachers a common noun? Yes, the noun 'teachers' the plural form of teacher is a common noun, a general word for a person and a profession.

Proper nouns are the unique names of people, places, or things. Common nouns are general words for people, places, or thing. The proper nouns for the common noun 'teachers' are the names of the teachers.

classroom weaknesses

Asked in Possessive Nouns Is teachers' a proper or a proper possessive noun? Neither, teachers' is a plural possessive common noun. Asked in Example Sentences, Possessive Nouns What is an example of a sentence using a plural possessive common noun? The most common is fatigue, followed by muscle weakness or pain. Asked in Nouns Is weakness a noun? Yes, the word 'weakness' is a noun, a singular, common, abstract noun; a word for a quality or state of lacking strength; a word for a thing. Example: The weakness is in the inspiration, not the execution.

Asked in Jobs, Pennsylvania What is the most common job in Pennsylvania? I'm pretty sure its forestry and conservation science teachers, postsecondary, Geography teachers, and agricultural science teachers.

Asked in Educators What are some teacher weaknesses? Teachers are people. They have any weakness anyone else might have. Usually referred to as a "fault". Asked in Depression and Bipolar Disorder, Antidepressants Do anti-depressents cause breathlessness and weakness? That isn't really a common side effect Sometimes it causes fatigue and tiredness, but not weakness. Asked in Symptoms Is it weird to have a symptom of weakness in the neck area if It is strained?

Weakness is a very common side effect of muscle strain. If the weakness continues, or grows worse, you should ask your doctor what you can do to help your neck heal. Asked in France What are the most common occupations in Paris? Teachers and retail workers have the worlds most common jobs.

Being teachers and canal workers.Poll results shown below for the top 3 strengths and weaknesses of teachers. Participate in voting for your top 3 so we can build a comprehensive list of the teaching community.

This poll of teaching strengths and weaknesses will only be open for a short time. To answer this poll please select the top 3 strengths and weaknesses you feel teachers have in your field.

These can be from personal experiences or what you have witnesses in your profession. I will try to add them to the possible answer list as soon as I can. My background is not teaching so I look forward to helping students in the education profession with your list of top 3 strengths and weaknesses.

What is your favorite teaching Stereotype? Comment below with your favorite. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Anonymous Vote. Sign in with Wordpress. What are Teachers Top 3 Strengths?

Works Well Under Pressure. Self Motivated. Bullheaded Persistance. Positive Attitude. Team Player.

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Fat dick. Strong Work Ethic. What are Teachers Top 3 Weaknesses? Easily Bored. Critical to Others. Too Kind. Too kind. Dismiss Other Disciplines. Tend to dismiss other disciplines. Weak in the science aspect of medicine. Balancing Time. Inability to say "no". About the Author: alex.It's that dreaded interview question: What is one of your weaknesses? Understand that principals and hiring committees are not trying to trip you up.

They want to know how aware you are of your teaching skills and weaknesses. Being aware of your weaknesses is the first step toward overcoming them. You won't want to answer any weakness within the description of the job. For example, a history teacher should not point out difficulty keeping straight the dates of the various wars.

Before the interview, honestly consider your weaknesses and how you are overcoming them in your development as a teacher. Be sure to make your answers specific to teaching even if the weakness applies to life in general. Positive attributes, taken to an extreme, can become weaknesses in the classroom. For example, teachers need to be organized to set up an efficient classroom, design long-term lesson plans and make the most of the time allotted in the daily schedule for each lesson.

An organized teacher can help students learn to be organized, too. Carried to the extreme, though, many students may feel they never meet the teacher's expectations.

Common Weaknesses Young Preachers, Teachers, and Leaders Have

With a room full of students working diligently on a lesson in a minute period, I know things are going to get messy. Instead of becoming frustrated, I build five minutes of cleanup time into every lesson and tell my students in advance how I expect them to clean up their area and put things back where they belong, That way, when it's time to move on, I'm not left with a mess.

And I believe I'm teaching them some valuable organizational techniques that will help them throughout life.

classroom weaknesses

Or, think about other strengths that could cause problems in the classroom. Then explain how you have worked to ensure positive outcomes instead. I want to explain it well, answer all questions and explain it another way for students who didn't get it. In my passion to teach, I can lose track of time, and time is critical in a classroom.

So I have a timer on my desk that I set for three minutes before I need to finish the lesson. When it rings, I know I have three minutes to wrap up, answer any more questions and collect papers. Recent graduates can be at a disadvantage when other applicants have a decade or two of experience in the classroom.

What beginning teachers lack in experience, they can more than make up for in enthusiasm. But I have always loved social studies, and I want my students to love it, too. Social studies open up the world to students who haven't had the chance to see it yet. For children who only know how they live, and perhaps they aren't happy with their circumstances, learning about how others across the world live, and the problems they've had to overcome gives them hope and insight into all that's open to them in the world.

How To Maintain Classroom Discipline - Good And Bad Methods Training Educational Video

Or, you may be a veteran teacher who feels that, in spite of decades of experience and dedication, you may be thought of as old-style. I keep up on the latest research in education and I'm always open to new ideas. When stand-up desks were introduced as a better way for some children to learn, I asked to have some in my classroom and let all the children try them. And some children did seem to work better that way, so I kept them for those who liked using them. Just because you don't know your weaknesses doesn't mean you don't have any.

Every teacher has strengths and weaknesses; it could be that you've chosen to focus on the positive. Think about the times that friends or co-workers seemed to be annoyed with you, even if they were too polite to voice it openly. If people are always looking at their watches when you arrive, or the room seems to be full with just one or two empty seats, you may have a time management problem. Even joking comments like, 'You always need to be right, don't you?

Another way to discover your weaknesses is to take an online personality test. If tests reveal you are an introvert, you may have difficulty meeting new people.

classroom weaknesses

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